Beer Money

“The best personal finance book I’ve ever read…actually the only personal finance book I’ve ever read”
– a Beer Drinker

Sit down with a six-pack and this book and you’ll be smarter after finishing both. Beer Money helps you get money-smart without the jargon hangover. Most books about personal finance and investing complicate simple ideas and contain so much detail you come away feeling like you’ve had one too many. Beer Money is different. It can be read in an afternoon and presents financial concepts using something you’re already familiar with: Beer.

You’ll learn the basic differences between investing in stocks, bonds, real estate and commodities. You’ll see how to best use a retirement plan like a 401(k), how to budget better and the importance of insurance. There are examples of different investment portfolios, automatic saving and spending plans and a  discussion about the different types of investment accounts such as Traditional and Roth IRA’s.

The use of beer, easy to understand text and pictures (yes, pictures!) and humor make this a book you will actually read and understand. So grab a pint and a comfortable chair and get started on your own pub-crawl to financial security. Cheers!